This was a very thorough article, and I agree with every word written about you, Kelli. As you know, my sister’s business is the same as yours, and I was her client, but I had to give her up for military travels. It was a difficut task over the years trying to find someone whom could match her compassion, skills, and knowledge. It took a while, but I finally found you! Thank you.
— Londa Moro
The spa at orchard house is so cozy and Kelli does such an amazing job at making you feel comfortable and relaxed! Can’t wait to go back!
— Bonni Paterson
Kelli Noonan is a brilliant esthetician. From the moment you walk into The Spa at Orchard house, you know you are about to receive care that is tailor-made for you. She uses only the finest skincare products. Her analysis of your particular skin needs is spot on, and her ability to bring your skin back to a healthy glow is astounding. However, what really makes a visit to The Spa at Orchard house a true pleasure, is Kelli herself. She is a bright light, full of warmth, intelligence and good humor. I look forward to every visit.
— Leslie Demich
Since moving out of state I sure miss going to Orchard House Spa and visiting with Kelli! What a great place to treat yourself!
— Doreen Myers
This place is amazing... What a perfect way to start my Sunday! Thank you Kelli...
— Sarah Jean
Poolside facial at The Spa at Orchard House. so relaxing. Kelli Noonan is the best! Schedule with her today and treat yourself how you want to be treated
— Michelle Paul
The Spa at Orchard House is in a beautiful setting and is so comfortable and private. Kelli is a lovely person and has been doing a wonderful job with my electrolysis treatments. She is a real expert!
— Jill Giboney