Tattoo Removal with EliminInk

EliminInk is a specially formulated solution that once applied into the skin through a tattoo over technique bonds to the ink pigments and draws the ink to the skin’s surface. The EliminInk solution is designed to be implemented into the tissue. After implanting the solution which is chemically similar to tattoo ink, it binds with the ink in the dermis, creates a large molecule too great to be reabsorbed so that body has to exfoliate it. Therefore, it gradually draws the ink higher into the upper layer of the dermis, until all of the ink leaves the body.

The treatment is not color selective and is effective on all color inks and pigments. Other tattoo removal methods have not successfully removed all ink colors, in part due to the lack of FDA standards in this area.  EliminInk however, has been found to be highly successfully with all colors of tattoo inks and color combinations. EliminInk treatment is also not area selective; it is the only form of tattoo removal that can be used on the face. The only non-recommended area is the eyelid.

The EliminInk solution is applied to the tattoo with a permanent makeup or tattoo machine. The area is then dried thoroughly to create a scab that keeps the solution in the skin. This scab must be kept dry for at least 7-10 days, and after it has fallen off the client applies a second solution, called DermRenu 2-3 times a day, for 2-3 weeks. DermRenu speeds up the healing process and contains a scar inhibitor. Treatments can be completed every 6-12 weeks.

Tattoo removal with EliminInk can only be performed by an EliminInk Certified Tattoo Artist and Licensed Tattoo Artist.