The Spa at Orchard House carries only the highest quality lines from our most trusted resources. We do not carry products that we cannot personally endorse and use. As a licensed Esthetician, Kelli is also qualified to create custom mixed products that are specially fitted to meet your skin's needs. The Spa at Orchard House offers products and services for a wide variety of needs, including Gluten Free and Vegan products.

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Doctor D. Schwab

"Doctor D. Schwab products effectively help address a range of skin concerns, maintain youthful-looking skin, and work to prevent further damage. We strive to be an innovator in skin care, creating new products that utilize advanced ingredients with the latest scientific breakthroughs and manufacturing practices. Doctor D. Schwab skincare products use botanical, nature-derived ingredients combined with advanced proprietary peptide technology and Alphasomes® nanotechnology for superior product performance."

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BioElements Professional Skin Care

"Chances are, if you have ever had a professional facial, you've experienced Bioelements. Since 1991, skin care specialists have been using our highly individualized formulas to treat the skin, target complexion concerns and discourage skin aging. And, unlike ordinary skin care, each Bioelements product is a professionally created treatment designed to make a major difference in the appearance of your skin."

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ItWorks Homeopathic and Herbal Products

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? We offer a wide variety of products, ranging from vitamins to an ultimate body applicator that will tighten, tone, and firm your skin.

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