Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT) is a popular treatment for fine lines, acne scars, texture, tone and hyperpigmentation.  At Orchard House, we utilize the Eclipse Micropen® which is considered the most advanced automated micro-needling device on the market.

No Downtime. Breath-Taking Results.

Within a few treatments, the skin’s natural healing mechanisms respond and begin creating new collagen and elastin fibers. This harnesses the skin’s natural ability to self-repair and form new collagen into the treated area while rejuvenating the skin. Micro Needling treatments produce very little discomfort or downtime. Get results quickly!


A micro-needling treatment begins with your Esthetician cleansing and toning the face. Depending on the treatment area and the skin condition being addressed, a treatment can last between 30 and 45 minutes. The device is placed gently against your skin and glides across the treatment area. The action is repeated until the procedure is complete. The MicroPen® rapidly creates a pattern of micro-channels in the treatment area, increasing the production of collagen and elastin to leave the skin smoother and refreshed. These tiny channels also enhance the skin’s ability to absorb clinical-grade topical products, such as anti-aging serums and skin lighteners, when applied during or immediately after the treatment. After applying serum, we will cool down the face before applying moisturizer, eye cream and sun protection.



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